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S. Mandel has been writing since he was 13. He began his writing journey in creative storytelling of fantasy worlds and sword and sorcery. As he developed his writing skills during college, he began to write urban dramas and eventually crime dramas. He spent two decades working as a journalist covering crime beats in NYC for a local newspaper. Also during that time, he embarked upon studies in script writing and filmmaking. He wrote and produced two short projects shot on 8MM and digital video and became an AD for several shorts shot in and around NYC. With a passion for both visual and written storytelling, he became a contributing writer for Videomaker Magazine, Wired, and many other circulations before putting his concentration back into novel writing.


Passage is his first published book, and the first book in what will be a trilogy of time travel suspense thrillers. His next book, a YA story for teenage girls, is scheduled for publication later this year, and he is also at work on a sci-fi screenplay and a graphic novel.  When he is not writing, he spends his time cartooning and advocating against femicide and other crimes against women.


He currently lives in NYC with his array of adorable cats.