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Passage: A Time Travel Thriller

Anne Donovan-Weatherford has spent decades struggling with the 1984 murder of her mother. She has tried everything from therapy to support groups to overcome the emotional trauma the murder has left on her. But Anne continues to find herself at the sway of her dreams--dreams that take her back to that fateful night her mother was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in 1984. After being recommended to a mystical hypnotherapist who has the supernatural ability to send a patient's memory and consciousness back in time to heal, Anne is sent back to 1984 into her nineteen-year-old self where she begins to relive the moments before her mother's murder. But what was supposed to be a brief journey back into the year 1984, suddenly turns into an intense and dark game of cat and mouse between Anne, her reluctant friend, Steve Mitchell, and the man who murdered her mother. And if she doesn't find the hypnotist in the past to send her back to the future, she may not only end up stuck in 1984... but dying in it...


Passage is a Alfred Hitchcock thriller meets the suspense of the Robert Zemeckis movie "What Lies Beneath" with the hypnotic time travel element of the 1980 Jane Seymour movie, "Somewhere in Time".